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So today we are going to tell you a trick using which you can send free SMS to anyone, either they are your friend or family, either they live in USA or India, this trick work for all of these given circumstances. So without further a due, lets get this rolling. So We send these free messages using a website that is called “FullonSMS”.

What is FullonSMS?

This website is made in India, and originally they launched it because of the fact that in India people like free stuff and are attracted towards the free stuff. So FullonStuff takes advantage of the fact that it gives facilities to people so that poeple are able to send free messages to their acquaintances. In return, they show the advertisements in their websites which help them make the revenue and that keeps the site running. So using this website, you can send free sms all over india, anywhere, anytime, no matter what isp another person is using his phone number on.

Features of FullOnSMS

Some of the cool features provided by this site are

– Send unlimited free sms
– Send messages in groups
– Check sent SMS’s right on the website
– You can also Download free wallpapers for your mobile phone
– Block unnecessary phone numbers
– Send schedule sms which helps you send a particular message at a particular time
– You can create your own online phonebook so that you dont have to manually type the number everytime you intend to call someone

So above provided are all the features provided by this website. This website is free to use and all the features are available to use by anyone. There is no prime membership or something like that in Fullonsms, so you cant add some extra features in your account.

Steps to Register to FullOnSMS Website

1. Visit the official website’s user registration page here ->

2. Now, Fill the required details by entering the follwing details in the form –

  • your name,
  • email ID,
  • date of birth,
  • city,
  • monthly salary,
  • mobile number
  • and captcha code.

3. Then click on “I agree to the terms and conditions”.

3.Then click on “Create Account” button .

4. Now the verification procedure is supposed to be followed, Just follow the mobile phone and email ID verification procedures.

5. Now, simply login to your account by entering password which you have received in your mobile phone.

Once you have completed all of these steps, you will be officially registered to use their website’s features for unlimited time period.

You can also find similar websites just like, which are and These websites are also very popular and people sometimes prefer these websites over “FullonSMS“.

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